Project development

With Jernforsen, you get an innovative partner who develops and adapts bioenergy plants according to your requirement specification.

We start from your situation

Jernforsen is involved in your biomass project from the start and we start from your specific situation. Right from the quotation stage, our advanced 3D drawings allow you to experience the facility before it is constructed. Here we dimension your system to fit the physical framework and assemble the individual components.

All our main components are produced in Sweden

Since 1984, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience that makes biomass our home ground. It shows in the solutions and your results. All our main components are produced in Sweden and adapted to the individual customer's needs. This ensures solutions of the highest quality.

The project manager follows you all the way

When the project is realized, a project manager is assigned to you. He will be your permanent contact throughout the process - from the production of components to installation and commissioning.

Then you are assured of competent advice and protection of your project - from start to finish.

We contact subcontractors

During the construction of the plant, we maintain regular contact with subcontractors to ensure that the buildings, electrical and plumbing installations and insulation work meet the operational needs of the plant. Afterwards, we will of course ensure that you receive the necessary documentation and instructions.