It is no coincidence that we are the best at what we do.

Jernforsen produces complete bioenergy plants for heat production. The plants are powered by biomass, i.e. forest products such as wood, chips, bark and pellets.

We manufacture customized systems that are divided into the following categories:

District heatingSawmills


We approach each assignment to create the best solution for the client's needs, requirements and opportunities. A close dialog and sparring are important elements to advise you on the optimal choice of bioenergy installations.

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Project development

With Jernforsen you get an innovative partner who develops and adapts bioenergy plants to your specifications. Our patented combustion technology ensures high efficiency and optimizes operating costs.

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Jernforsen är ett flexibelt företag som ligger nära sina kunder. Vi tror på god service - även efter projekten, och vi är hedrade över att anläggningarna går optimalt. Du kan välja oss för pågående underhåll och service.

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Jernforsen, develops and installs bioenergy plants from 4 – 35 MW and has strong competencies in the combustion of biomass waste (including recycled wood and other types of biomass waste) and “wet” fuel.

Linka Energy specializes in the development, design and construction of fully automated bioenergy plants from 2.5 – 15 MW. The primary fuel types are straw, wood chips and wood pellets, but more exotic fuels can also be used.

Weiss is a consulting and executive service company specialized in service, supply of spare parts, consulting for district and district heating plants and other customers. Weiss also works on the production of major plant components and plant optimization.

Full-service partner

We are involved from the beginning of the design process. Either as a sub-projector for our part of the boiler plant, or we can undertake to be the overall project manager.

Many years of experience

Jernforsen was founded in 1984 and has for generations delivered bioenergy solutions to properties, wood industries and sawmills as well as district heating customers.

Sites across Europe

We have delivered installations all over Europe, to nearly 1,000 satisfied customers. Today, deliveries are mainly to Sweden, Norway, Finland and the UK.

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