District heating: 2 - 35 MW

In the district heating category, our customers are mainly energy companies. Jernforsen offers customized and complete solutions to produce heat in an environmentally efficient way.

Solutions for district heating

Many of our customers are district heating operators where efficiency and environmental requirements are the most important factors for a good operating economy. In most cases, we try to include flue gas condensation in these systems to increase the efficiency of the plant. The advantage is low emissions and if the requirement is extremely strict, we can also supplement these plants with additional treatment to meet the requirements of the authorities.

The plants are manufactured using the latest technology with fully automated combustion systems, automatic ash discharge and modern PLC control systems.

Our plants save electrical energy thanks to frequency converters to optimize combustion. Another advantage is that all maintenance is eliminated and negative pressure control and noise levels are minimized.

Product specifications

Type of installation : Hot water/hot water
Plant size: 2 - 35 MW
Fuels: Grot, bark, wood chips, RT chips, RDF, etc.
Fuel moisture content: 20 - 60%.

Hot water and hot water boiler

The boiler is a three-stage boiler with vertical flue gas tubes designed to be docked to our biofuel incinerator. The boiler is manufactured according to the latest technical requirements and undergoes extensive testing before being put into operation. It is characterized by a robust construction that provides a long service life.

Incinerator for biofuels

Jernforsen's incinerator for moist fuels is a very well-proven and robust solution for burning moist biofuels, such as bark, sawdust, forest chips and grot.

The furnace is made of a steel structure with a refractory lining, insulating material and covered with corrugated sheet metal. Inside, there is a movable and a fixed grid structure. The grate ladder is controlled by a forward motion that moves the fuel forward, after which it is burned.

At the end of the process, the ash is finally burned before being transported to the ash container. During the roasting process, we also add air, primary and secondary, to optimize combustion before entering the pressure vessel. The hot gas is now ready to be converted into the energy appropriate to the process.

The furnace is air-cooled and is cooled through an air jacket by the primary fan that preheats the combustion air.

Automated ease of use

The plants are manufactured using the latest technology with fully automated combustion systems, automatic ash discharge and modern PLC control systems.

You choose the cooperation

Whether you choose a machine or turnkey contract from us, we offer a quality-assured workflow, well tested over decades.

Automatic ash disposal

The oven is equipped with fully automatic ash discharge both under and in front of the grate. The ash discharge is sealed for a good working environment.

Automatic chimney sweeping

Jernforsen's boilers use compressed air sweeping - sweeping using compressed air. The boiler sweeping system is designed to increase the time between each regular sweep.

Control and operator systems

From only doing control for our own boilers, we now undertake to do complete control of entire heating plants and boiler centers. We can also offer consultative assistance in designing system layouts for both hot water and steam.

The operator interface today usually consists of an operator's computer. For the smaller facility, an operator panel may be an option instead of an operator computer.

Rules and regulations are adapted to the delivery and customer requirements. Thanks to our own control staff, we can always optimize our system. Today, we have the possibility to remotely control the whole plant.

High security, good availability and a user-friendly interface for the operational staff is something we continuously strive for. Jernforsen holds a certificate for self-monitoring of safety circuits for our boilers, according to European PED module B+D.

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