It is no coincidence that we are the best at what we do.

Since 1984, Jernforsen has delivered biofuel plants to more than 1000 satisfied customers worldwide. Today we are proud to be at the forefront of technological development and production of biofuel plants. Our organization is driven by a strong commitment and ambition to always deliver top-notch products and support.

Facilities are designed according to customer wishes and requirements

Through our long experience, we have developed systems to optimize solutions according to your wishes and needs, based on everything from fuel qualities to operational data.

Wide range of fuels that can be used

We develop, deliver and service plants from 2 - 35 MW. The plants run on biomass - forest products such as wood, chips, bark and pellets - with up to 60% moisture.

Own control department with experienced engineers

Thanks to our in-house control staff, we can always optimize our system. We also use the latest technology to fine-tune and optimize combustion.

You can safely rely on our service - well into the future.

Our service organization has many years of experience in auditing, repair and technical support. As we have gathered all service expertise in Jernforsen, we can always ensure that the service is maximized for you as a customer.

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Jernforsen membership

We are members of several associations working to promote the use of biofuels and green energy. Membership in these associations gives us a strong network across multiple sectors and countries.

Some strong reasons to invest in bioenergy

From an environmental point of view, biofuels are considered the most environmentally friendly fuels. There are no foreign substances in natural wood. The ash can be returned to nature and help reduce fertilization.

Biofuels are considered a carbon neutral fuel. The carbon dioxide produced during combustion is absorbed and sequestered by new plants in the cycle, instead of contributing to the greenhouse effect.