Corporate social responsibility

As an international company, we have a great responsibility for our surroundings and our impact on nature and the environment. At Jernforsen we are very proud to integrate environmental and social responsibility in all our activities.


Jernforsen considers it important to promote the use of renewable energy and we carefully consider that our activities, products and services affect the environment as little as possible.

By making optimal use of the biofuel, we reduce the amount of waste. Our facilities have been developed to reduce the amount of dust, just as we work to optimize emission rates and thus protect the environment as much as possible. To this end, we focus on the development and optimization of our facilities for the benefit of both the environment and customers.

We only work with authorized and qualified partners for waste management and disposal. We work constantly to prevent pollution and, as far as possible, to avoid noise and nuisance to neighbors.

Circular economy

We promote a circular economy where the biomass is grown locally and used as energy, then the ash from it is reused in the cultivation of new biomass.
Biomass is one of the world’s most efficient and sustainable energy resources. Biomass already exists and is available. We must constantly cultivate crops and forests for other main purposes than burning it.
When we burn the biomass in our plant and convert it into energy, CO2 will be released into the atmosphere. Alternatively, if the biomass is not burned, it will release the same amount of CO2 into the atmosphere during the decomposition phase. Therefore, in terms of sustainability, it is beneficial to use the biomass in a Linka Energy plant, as it will be CO2 neutral.

Health and well-being

At Jernforsen, we believe that employees are a very important resource that we must protect. Therefore, we are very committed to the health and well-being of our employees. We see health and prevention as a strategic intervention at the same level as other strategic decisions. We know that when we take a ‘health’ approach, the positive results come too.

We have established a health and safety committee made up of employees across the organization that ensures that all levels of the company are represented in development and continuous improvement.

This has led to, among other things:

  • Fruit scheme - so all employees can have fruit every day

A staff association has been set up to organize joint activities for all staff members, thus strengthening cohesion. All employees are covered by the company’s health insurance. This means that if the need for treatment arises, we guide the employee safely and quickly through the health system to the right treatment, regardless of the health problem.