Quality policy

For over 30 years, Jernforsen has developed extremely high quality biomass plants with a focus on innovative solutions.

Jernforsen Energy AB shall be an attractive and credible partner that delivers products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations. Our activities should promote high quality while respecting our environment and surroundings.

Through dialog with customers, suppliers and authorities, we will continuously evaluate and improve our quality and environmental management system.

In cooperation with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, we will ensure that our products and services are presented as quality products and services and comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

We will continuously develop our products and be innovative through customer dialogue and through experience gained in other ways.

Together with our suppliers, we will continuously optimize the quality of purchased components and thereby improve the overall quality of our products and services.

We will meet our customers’ needs and expectations in terms of quality and price and ensure high customer satisfaction and long-term relationships. We will be open and receptive to feedback from our customers to ensure continuous quality improvement.

Through the personal and professional development of our staff, we promote a quality-conscious and results-oriented corporate culture. New employees should be thoroughly introduced to the company’s strategies, including the quality and environmental management system.

The planning and optimization of internal and external resources, as well as the optimization of our processes, will contribute to increasing the quality of our products and services while reducing costs and time.