Eidsiva Bio


Eidsiva Bioenergi operates district heating in Elverum. A city where expansion was rapid and the existing center quickly became too small.


The base load in Elverum was two plants for recycled wood that were both too small in capacity and required too much maintenance. Eidsiva issued a tender for a new 10 MW waste boiler to be delivered into an existing building where the existing fuel silo would be used.

The solution

Jernfosen was able to design a plant that fit in the existing house without any modernization. The delivery was from board conveyor to the skort with a young/boiler designed according to the waste directive with subsequent lime and coal dosing before the bag filter.

Product specifications

Customer: Eidsiva Bio
Location: Elverum, Norway
Fuel type: RT chips
Panel power: 10 MW
Energy type: District heating
Year: 2015