VIDA Alvesta


VIDA's sawmill in Alvesta bought energy from Alvesta Energi's heating plant.


VIDA invested and increased production at its sawmill in Alvesta and needed more energy than Alvesta Energi could supply and invested in its own heating plant.

The solution

Jernforsen and VIDA have a long history of cooperation. Today VIDA owns 9 sawmills and there are Jernforsen boilers on 8 of them. For Alvesta, we delivered a process delivery, which includes all process technology equipment in the boiler house except the house itself.

Product specifications

Customer: VIDA
Location: Alvesta, Sweden
Fuel type: Bark, wood chips, shavings
Panel power: 8 MW
Energy type: Process heat
Year: 2015

"The process is over just as we expected. We got really good support after the installation. Would definitely recommend Jernforsen. They are really good."

Jonas Axelsson