VIDA upgrades

Sustainable sawmill owner VIDA AB is upgrading with a new 5 MW boiler at its sawmill in Nössemark. Thus, the sawmill is now switching to 100% heating at both the sawmill and timber dryers in Nössemark with residual products from production. The upgrade has been done in close cooperation with Jernforsen, part of the Linka Group, which has provided advice, boiler installation and optimized the existing installation.

The sustainable sawmill owner VIDA AB now heats the sawmill and kilns in Nössemark with residual products from its production. A new 5 MW boiler is optimized for burning bark and wood chips containing up to 60% moisture. The plant is now operational and showing good results.

10. facilities with Jernforsen

Today, VIDA has boilers from Jernforsen at 10 of its 12 Swedish sawmills. They are designed to use production residues and provide between 5 and 12 MW of heat. Jernforsen's technology makes it easy for sawmills to extract energy from wet bark and chips without significant dust, CO or NOx emissions.

"It is stable, simple and reliable. The most important thing for us has been to stay on schedule and get the facility we need. Therefore, we chose Jernforsen again and have received really good support when there have been challenges with the operation. says Jonas Axelsson, Technical Manager at VIDA.

The sawmill in Nössemark produces 2.45 meter timber, which is mainly exported to the UK, USA and Australia. To make production as sustainable as possible, the existing silo for bark and wood chips in Nössemark was renovated and modernized and connected to the new boiler from Jernforsen. At the same time, a new boiler house was built for the new system, which VIDA knows well from its other sawmills.

"It is important for sawmills to make the best possible use of their residual products. That's why we have done a lot to optimize and automate this type of plant, which is stable even in the harsh environment at the border with Norway. says Magnus Holmgren, CEO of Jernforsen, which is part of the Linka Group, one of the world leaders in the optimization and development of climate-friendly energy plants based on biomass and waste. With the solution from Jernforsen, VIDA will reduce its carbon emissions and at the same time ensure operational reliability via operational support from Jernforsen.

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Requirements Measured values
Dust <30 mg/Nm3 20 mg/Nm3
CO <150 mg/MJ 25 mg/MJ
NOx <100 mg/MJ 65 mg/MJ

District heating plant upgrades with operating support

Several district heating plants choose to buy operational support for biomass plants. At Weiss, which provides 24-7 technical support, there is an increase in sales of service concepts compared to previous years. Evaluating operational performance and securing budgets at Danish heating plants is more important now than ever before.

Lack of maintenance of the country's biomass plants can cause serious operational problems and unexpected expenses for district heating plants. This is known at Ølgod Fjärrvärme, which after a turbulent time with a lack of operational support, has now secured its future operation.

In 2006, Ølgod District Heating invested in a biomass plant, but chose not to establish a service agreement with the service provider Weiss. Instead, they bought operational support from another service provider. It turned out to be a bad decision. The plant eventually developed operational problems and in 2017 Ølgod District Heating had to seek advice from Weiss, which is part of the Linka Group.

Strategic spare parts

'There were some errors that Weiss had to correct'a to after the second service provider. Proper maintenance of biomass plants is crucial and requires specific know-how and technical skills. We therefore agreed on fixed operational support and the supply of strategic spare parts, so we can ensure that the Ølgod plant will receive the necessary technical support in the future - a concept we are experiencing a marked increase in interest in."says Kenneth Iversen, CEO of Weiss, which provides technical support for the Linka Group.

Now Ølgod District Heating receives an annual service report from Weiss, which provides an overview of the technical support and the condition of the plant. The service phone is open 24 hours a day, all year round and the technical support of the plant is based on a wide range of expertise, as Weiss knows all the elements of the plant established by its sister company Linka Energy.

The fact that technical operational support is crucial to the operation of a biomass plant and a controlled operating economy is no surprise to Linka Group, which establishes biomass plants all over the world.

"As one of our group companies has delivered the plant, Weiss can easily and quickly identify all components and provide the necessary technical advice. These include synergies between the establishment, operation and maintenance of biomass plants, which is why we brought the companies Linka Energy, Jernforsen and Weiss into the same group. Thus, we ensure a 360 degree total solution, which not only secures maintenance decisions, but also future-proofs operations and gives full financial control to the heating plants", says Thomas Gaardbo, CEO Linka Group.

Weiss, which provides operational support and service for Linka Group's biomass plants, has a large spare parts and components warehouse in Lem and Hadsund, from where they deliver the spare parts on a day-to-day basis.